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As some of you may already know, Kirtan Wallah Foundation regularly shares free material on KD’s YouTube channel. We are so grateful to all of you for your donations, for watching and sharing your thoughts. KD’s official YouTube channel just hit 100K subscribers and continues to grow. As Kirtan’s channel is currently doing well, he won’t need to check out sites like https://getfans.io/buy-youtube-views to buy views for his videos. But at least this is an option if some videos don’t do as well as others. Despite the fact that sites like this can be a huge help to those just starting out on their YouTube journey, you do risk falling for a scam if you don’t thoroughly research them first. So check out this GetFans Review as a start, and make your way through the reviews on the other most popular providers before making a decision on which to choose.

All the material we share on our YouTube channel is made possible by the Kirtan Wallah Foundation. Hours are spent creating new content and it’s all edited using a platform similar to Tubeast.com, making the videos entertaining for all. Our popular ‘Chai’nChat’ series consists of Q&A sessions with KD. They are arranged by topic, so you can as you wish to. We also have your favorite Krishna Das chants ‘Krishna Das Live! Songs With Lyrics’, filmed live in NYC with lyrics for you to sing along to. There are full video workshop recordings for a few hours of talks about our Paths.

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Your support via direct donations is tax-deductible under 501c3 guidelines and goes toward new offerings such as this series as well as the compilation of all of KD’s work on the Path, for the purpose of sharing it with everyone in a variety of media.
It is also the intention of the Kirtan Wallah Foundation to offer assistance to organizations around the world, whose efforts are in alignment with the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba.

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‘Keep singing. It uncovers the love. The love of who we truly are.’

~Krishna Das

Today, we are happy to share this professionally filmed and recorded video of Krishna Das singing “Jaya Bhagavan” live as part of our new series Krishna Das Live! Songs With Lyrics. This video was shot in New York City at the Church Of St. Paul & St. Andrew in October 2013 and is part of a full-length kirtan recorded that evening.

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Krishna Das vocals and harmonium
David Nichtern guitar
Arjun Bruggeman tabla and naal
Nina Rao kartals
Yaitza Jaya Sita Lopez cello
John McDowell percussion and keyboards
Mark Gorman bass
Kosmic Kirtan Posse choir vocals
Jay Messina mixing and mastering
Kevin D Reilly live sound
Sandy Chase/ Fluid Film video and editing


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