Chai’n’Chat #19 ~ Children’s Illness and Coping

October 26, 2017

We hope that you have been enjoying this series of one-on-one episodes with KD.
Here’s Chai’n’Chat #19 ~ Children’s Illness and Coping.

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If you are new to the series, here is a little background…

Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice.
We filmed 16 parts to this series at YouTube Space in Manhattan in 2016 year and a coming back in 2017 with more! A new episode will be premier every Wednesday, so please stay tuned!

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A big thank you to all who asked their question.

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  • This series is so beautiful and honest and very human. Thank you for sharing them.
    Is the series going to continue? if so, how does one get chosen to actually sit down with KD?


    Agnisattva (Rafael)

    • Sarina Rao says:

      Hi Rafael,
      We are glad you are enjoying these episodes!
      There are several more episodes already recorded still to come in this series.
      When we are ready to record another set we will send out an announcement in our regular newsletter asking those interested in participating to send in the question they would like to ask.
      There is no date set yet, but do keep a look out in our newsletter.
      Thanks so much for your message!
      Krishna Das Team

  • Gloria Ellis says:

    What a beautiful talk. Thank you and the young lady who shared her concerns. Blessings to you both.

  • Vaidya Amruta Atul Dubal says:

    Such divine experience. I am getting to know more about Krishna Das and Maharaji.
    This video was just what I needed for the day!
    God works in mysterious ways:).

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