“The first time I met Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche”

By September 9, 2016 Blog

We hope you can join Krishna Das and Friends at a benefit event for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal on Oct. 5, 2016 in NYC. Details after this special story, as told by KD, of his first encounter with this great teacher ~


The first time I met Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche was in the airport in Denmark.

It was about 10 years ago. I had been unable to meet his father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, who was recognized as one to the greatest lamas of the previous generation. I had also met and studied with 2 of CNR’s brothers, Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Mingyur Rinpoche. I was traveling to Sweden from Denmark and my friends Dan and Tara Goleman were accompanying CNR to NY. We planned to meet in the airport. I got there early and waited for a long time at the designated meeting place, but when no one showed up, I decided to walk back to the other side of the airport and wait fro Rinpoche where he would have to come through security.

As soon as I arrived there he walked out, unaccompanied. I waited for him to turn around and then I introduced myself.
“Rinpoche, I am Krishna Das. Dan’s friend.”
CNR: “I know you!”
“ I dont’ think we have met, but it is wonderful to meet you now.”
CNR: “What do you do?”
“I chant with people”
CNR: “What kind of chanting?
“Sri Ram Jai Ram…Hare Krishna …”
And at that point Rinpoche grabbed me by the arm and, dragging me along with him, started walking thru the airport and singing Hare Krishna at the top of his lungs.
Every once in a while as we made our way thru the fancy shopping area, he would jab me in the ribs and say “SING!! SING!!”
Finally we reached the place that Dan and Tara were sitting, but instead of meeting them, he led me to a quiet place off to the side.
We sat together quietly for a few minutes and then he asked, “Do you talk to people when you sing?”
“Yes, sometimes.”
CNR: “Tell them about peace of mind and how important it is to have that.”
CNR: “If I write a song, will you sing it?”
I’m still waiting.


Please join us on October 5, 2016, in NYC:
Krishna Das will join Lama Tenzin Sangpo and special guest Richard Gere for a wonderful evening of devotional music and chant from around the world, with proceeds going to the rebuilding effort of the Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery and Nagi Gompa nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the aftermath of the tremendous earthquakes there in recent months. Krishna Das will lead kirtan on this evening as part of this benefit event. We hope you can join us.
Tickets are available HERE

Benefit concert

Benefit concert

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