KD’s note & photos from Europe Tour 2017!

By July 6, 2017 Blog

July 6 2017

Hey Everyone, It’s me , KD.
Hope all is well with you all and your lives are flowing smoothly and cool like a river. Arjun and I are on tour in Europe and it has been really wonderful to reconnect with so many great people after 4 years. It’s a little tough on the ol’ body, but the heart is strong and happy to be able to sing with so many great peeps here. London was first kirtan and workshop and then we went to Iceland and had amazing time in the most extraordinarily wonderful place.Then The beautiful Amsterdam, with the canals that are like liquid beauty flowing….We are in Antwerp right now and leaving for Vienna, Frankfort, Munich, Berlin and Barcelona soon…
Much Love to you all and take good care.
RamRam, KD
July 6, 2017

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