KICKSTARTER UPDATE #10: A message from Krishna Das

By May 29, 2017 Blog, Kickstarter 2017
Today is the last day of our pre-sale for Krishna Das’ new album coming out in Fall 2017. Thank you all for your support and keeping it in the family!

Here’s a message from KD:

“Hi, Namaste. Just wanted to thank you all so much for participating in our Kickstarter campaign and helping out. We got everything we needed to finish the CD and get it out to you and I’m very happy about that. It’s always good to know that people want to hear you sing and want to sing with you. so it makes me feel very good to know that you’re willing to support this the way you are. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to record so it’s a wonderful thing and I thank you again from the bottom, top, bottom left, right, in, out, up and down of my heart!
Thanks again, Namaste.”


Have a look at the details and rewards you can choose or simply just get the new music in advance.
We are working steadily on finishing up the CD to get it out to you in the Fall of 2017.

We hope you enjoy these mini interviews with the band members filmed during the early stages of the recording of the new album. Here’s a few words from KD, recorded during a rehearsal before we headed into the studio!

Within the first 40 hours of this campaign we met our funding goal. This means we will be able to get the new album out to you! Now we have 20 days to go. Let your friends about this PRE-SALE of the new album, so that we can continue to share in the chanting!

If you have not had a chance to check out the project details and exclusive rewards, click over to the campaign details and have a look!

Ram Ram



We are very excited to launch Krishna Das’ second funding campaign NEW MUSIC FROM THE HEART SPACE via Kickstarter for a new studio recording under the Krishna Das Music label!
For all of you who supported Kirtan Wallah, our last album 4 years ago, your gracious generosity and love blew us away. It not only allowed us to make our first self-released album, without the control of a record label, it supported and inspired us to start working on this new album for all of you.
We have already begun recording these new (and some familiar) melodies at the favorite Avatar Studios in New York City. Now it’s time to get them mixed, mastered, album artwork created, and manufactured to share with you!
This album, engineered and mixed by Jay Messina and co-produced with KD, will be released by Krishna Das Music label in the late fall of 2017.
This time KD sat with all musicians in the room together (rather than with overdubs) except for a the choir – so it has a really nice live feeling.
Without giving too much away, these new chants are coming alive as you read this.
In order to make the offering as best as we can there are many costs involved to do this and that’s why we are here. This campaign on Kickstarter is in lieu of taking money from a record company. The funds we raise will go directly toward professional engineers,, our awesome musicians, mastering fees, artwork & design, CD manufacturing costs, and legal/production/management staff. This will go toward the success of the album, and the better it does, the more money the individuals will receive. And if they’ve decided to read something like this truebill review, their finances can be better managed once this money has made its way into their accounts. Every little helps after all. Your partnership supports this entire process and will bring the album to life!
This project will run till May 29, Memorial Day. We would also love to have your support in this project by simply sharing this newsletter with your friends and helping to spread the word in your communities!

Stay tuned for updates from the musicians and sneak peeks at the songs. Participate however it feels right and let’s make music together!

For more information of this project please click on the link below! Thank you for your support.
Ram Ram

New Album Pre-Sale


  • Bobby Kapur says:

    Please can you let me know how i can contribute towards this project. Kickstarter will not allow me to add funds.

    • Sarina Rao says:

      Hi Bobby,
      Our Kickstarter campaign is now closed (the end date was May 29). The album will be coming out Fall 2017. Please stay tuned for information of the exact release date coming soon. The best way to know is through our enews, that you can subscribe to right here on the site by scrolling to the bottom of the page. and you will be able to get your copy then. Thanks for your support!
      Krishna Das Team

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