Krishna Das’ 15th album ‘Trust in the Heart’ – is available now!

By October 6, 2017 Blog

October 6, 2017

Trust In The Heart by Krishna Das

The way I sing, I try to let the mantra do the work. I simply pay attention to the prayer and repeat it with as much of my being as I can. I don’t try to manipulate emotions, I don’t try to manufacture any kind of feeling at all, it naturally arises. My understanding is that these mantras, these names, come from within us, they come from that place within that is deeper than the mind, deeper than thoughts, deeper than emotions. So, by turning our attention in that direction toward our soul, we move deeply into our true nature.”

~Krishna Das

In “Trust in the Heart,” Krishna Das, who produced this entirely crowd-fund album along with longtime friend Jay Messina, has woven together what is perhaps his most stripped-down, elegantly uncompromising collection of recordings. The carefully crafted simplicity of its delivery is powerful. On this album, all music was recorded in a live studio setting with KD’s leading vocals accompanied by all musicians at once.

Krishna Das returns to the roots of kirtan with a collection of prayers and chants that would feel equally at home being sung in a temple as being cranked up on a car stereo!

You can buy a physical copy from our online shop. The new music is also available on all major digital download and streaming services including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Click here to purchase the exclusive iTunes booklet version.

Here’s what’s on the new album:

  1. Guru Puja (5:03)
  2. Sundhara Chalisa (17:48)
  3. Namoh (10:24)
  4. Devi Chant (10:14)
  5. River Of Mahamantra (15:50)
  6. Prema Chalisa (14:03)
This album also includes digital liner notes with lyrics.



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