Praise for ‘Trust in the Heart’ – get your copy now!

By October 27, 2017 Blog

October 27, 2017

Here are some reviews of KD’s new album ‘Trust in the Heart’.

Serious times traditionally call for light entertainment that helps people forget their troubles. And as there were during the 1930s, there are now plenty of escapist movies, binge-worthy television and upbeat music. But in this serious time there are also creators making the most serious and urgent art of their careers. Krishna Das, for one.

I write about Krishna Das every chance I get because his chants work on so many levels. And not just on me. It’s not hype that Krishna Das is considered “the Springsteen of kirtan.”

On this CD, the production is stripped down, the instrumentalists are almost an afterthought. And KD’s voice! As he says, he’s not a performer, he’s just offering his voice as a prayer. Paradox: As he praises all that’s holy, he bestows peace.
~ headbutler, Amazon

This is by far my favorite of KD’s albums. I listen to it every day to relax. I play it before a stressful meeting at work and before I go to bed. His music and message just gets better and better.
~ Margo, Amazon

Krishna Das does it again with new BEAUTIFUL melodes to the Chalisas and the Maha Mantra. The only thing missing from this new collection is there are not enough chants. But then again, there are never enough when it comes to listening to KD!
~ crazyladymama, itunes

Here’s what’s on the new album

Guru Puja (5:03)
Sundhara Chalisa (17:48)
Namoh (10:24)
Devi Chant (10:14)
River Of Mahamantra (15:50)
Prema Chalisa (14:03)
*This album also includes digital liner notes with lyrics.


You can buy a physical copy from our online shop. The new music is also available on all major digital download and streaming services including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

Click here to purchase the exclusive iTunes booklet version.



  • Lin Sanders says:

    I agree, this is my favorite album.. but then again i say this about all of KD’s records when i first hear them. The melodies and chants are so utterly beautiful from beginning to end. The 2 Chalisa’s are amazing. I haven’t taken it out of my player since i got my copy!

    So grateful,
    Ram Ram

    • Sarina Rao says:

      Hi Lin,

      Thank you for your comment! We are so glad you are enjoying the new music.
      As always, we thank you for your support.

      Krishna Das Team

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