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By December 22, 2019 Blog, Foundation Updates

Today my Beloved Elder Guru Brother, Ram Dass, has left his physical body and merged with our guru Neem Karoli Baba.

He has been my friend and teacher and fellow traveler on the Spiritual Path since 1968. I spent the last few days with him and had incredible merging of mind and heart. He was deeply immersed in Maharaj-ji’s presence and during the many years since his stroke, his courage and patience and inner strength was a shining example of how to live in this world, with an ever opening heart, despite much physical pain and hardship.

His mantra was “I am Loving Awareness, I am Loving Awareness.” Now, that is where he is to be found…in the loving presence that lives within us.

Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram!!!

~ Krishna Das

Lake Nainital 1971


  • Debra Simpson says:

    May the sweet memories of your dear friend comfort you as he merged with the Great Ones and soars with eagles.

  • Radha Devi says:

    Blessings upon Blessings upon Blessings upon Blessings.

    JAI JAI MA!!!!!! All the way HOME.

    In Love & surrender,

  • Namaste Krishna Das,

    My thoughts and love to you and all Satsang on the passing of Ram Das.
    His book Miracle Of Love is a daily reading of mine as I just open a page and read the first
    story my eyes see.
    Thank you Ram Das.
    Thank you Neem Karoli Baba.
    Rudra Dev

  • Jane Juchemich says:

    All love to everyone touched by this magnificent teacher. KD, I currently have a friend at the yoga ashram in the Bahamas. I see where you make a yearly kirtan there and attending one is high on my bucket list.

  • MCH says:

    I love seeing the pictures of Ram Das and Krishna Das together. In this difficult work it is a blessing to see true friends and spiritual companions.

  • Mukesh Gupta says:

    Blessings from India!

  • Karuna says:

    Beloved KD, Karuna here on the Big Island of Hawaii (the studio where you gave a workshop years ago). I well recall the first time I heard Mountain Hare Krishna during a gathering of lovely bhaktas. I was new to the path then and this journey with you and the sounds and resonance of God pouring through also led to Ram Dass. Thank you. What profound service, what an invitation you extend to all! Deepest bow to you and RD.

  • Ryuu dou says:

    Have a sage journey Ram Das.
    Thank you for showing the path.

  • Angela Cussons says:

    So glad to hear you were with him .

  • Your words are so deep, so beautiful, so full of love. Thank you Krishna Das


    Greetings to all my fellow travelers/gurubhai on our spiritual journey. Our beloved elder brother Ram Das has merged with Maharaj ji .Grace of Maharaj ji was always with him. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. WIth regards,Rakesh Pradhan

  • Dear KD
    How Blessed to know the truth as embodied by Neem Karoli Baba and the experiences of such deep meaning friendship with our beloved Ram Das
    Thank you for sharing your open heart and growing a family ❤️
    In love and peace to all

  • barbara hoffman says:

    it is still difficult to find the words, but the love showered on us by Ram Das and the gift of it and the satsang’s love seem stronger to me now then ever. Ram Ram may your examples and love be our guide in the coming year and forward. Barbara

  • Dorothy Clare Gress says:

    Love the works of Ram Das. I read a passage every day. He taught me to “work” on myself, regards any problem I may be experiencing. The result is “Inner calm” always. Thank you Ram Das. Dorothy-CLare

  • Mark Pullen says:

    I am loving awareness.
    …thank you for all your devotion and service KD , sorry .

  • Donna Farmer says:

    Blessing to you & all peoples in the loss of Ram Das on this physical world-He was a great teacher for us all!

  • Nasrin Begum says:

    I see peacock feathers when I think of Baba Ram Dass. Golden peacock feathers

  • Leanne McMahon says:

    My heart is heavy knowing Ram Dass has left his earthly domain but he is smiling and is free.
    Ram Dass you did your karmic mission here. Thank you for sticking it out through your pain to share so much love and wisdom to this plane of existence.

    Thank you for blanketing us with your loving awareness and inspiring me to do the same.

    Krishna Das you helped RD go home. I hope he journeyed beyond …. listening to your voice of full source and love.

    Om Shanti Shanti,
    Leanne West McMahon

  • Rebecca Angeles says:

    Jan. 1, 2020

    Dear KD:

    Whenever you share your experiences with Ram Dass and Maharaji, you almost always share how difficult your emotional life has been through the decades — in and out of depression, feeling all alone, desolate, etc. I couldn’t and will not be able to fathom the level of pain you’ve endured through the years — this only amplifies what a significant blessing has been for you to meet Ram Dass and Maharaji in this lifetime. I always find those who are wounded in this intangible way, with waves of it coming and going through the decades — to be a most heavy burden. I am so glad that Maharaji and Ram Dass materialized in your life to bring you great joy in a way that, I guess, most things/people of this world would not be able to.

    I put a little book in front of my photo of Ram Dass in my small tribute altar — the book is about Frances Vaughan’s sharing of what life is like after death. I’m asking Ram Dass to let us know, somehow, through someone or some means, what his life is like now… I hope he will be able to let us know somehow —- that would really complete the series of books he has written for us about this journey…


    Rebecca from Canada

  • Hollie says:

    Krishna Das—you’re words are so moving and beautiful!! So is your life!! It was etched on your soul to intersect paths with both Baba’s and carry out the mission of love for the Divine Spirit!! When he dropped his body—I could feel every moment of his life so perfectly orchestrated by the Universe with such precision and perfection! From his childhood, to his studies, to meeting Timothy Leary, his journeys with psychedelics—-all designed with exactness so he would merge in love with Neem Karoli Baba & you and himself!! Which was really the path to merge with LOVE & Divine Spirit in Life thru being present for the moment & miracle of death!! I see your life’s path in the same way! Through hearing your soul’s calling you were brought to these two beautiful souls to carry out the same mission of the moment of NOW and LOVE!! I am so full of gratitude that you got to be with him for the days leading up to his passing and spent time and space in the miracle of DEATH!! I have been with someone when they passed on and it was the most beautiful experience I have ever witnessed!! People always talk about the miracle of birth but hardly ever speak of death as one in the same!! I am sure you have been with others when they have passed too…but to have been with Ram Dass and witness the miracle of his spirit being called had to be one of the most beautiful moments of your living life!! I am so happy for you that you were by his side!! He loved you so much and I love hearing stories when he mentions you!! It is always so apparent the love and sacred connection you both had! A true spirit mate!! So much love and sooo many blessings for you!! As you continue the mission of love and the miracle of merging with the Divine Spirit!! I am honored to know of your existence just as I am honored to have known of our Baba’s existence!! Ram! Ram!! Love!! Love!! Thank you for sharing with all us–not just this message from your heart—but your life’s work and mission to be in love with God!!

  • Namaste,
    Baba Ramdas’s body has only died and He got salvation and his soul was reconciled to God. Because his intention to enter this world was complete and he was also a messenger sent by God.
    Jai Sri Ram.

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