Harmonium Tutorials Taught By Your Favorite Kirtan Wallah

By December 12, 2016 Blog

We are delighted to bring this wonderful online course to you!

KD has been asked time and time again to provide music for his chants so we recorded these mini video tutorials, straight from KD’s living room, to help you, the practitioner get that unique ‘Krishna Das’  sound.

These tutorials are not general harmonium instruction, so you need to have some familiarity playing music. These tutorials will show you how to play KD’s chords in the way that he does.

Watch the preview video above to get an idea of what it would be like to learn from these.

There are 34 videos (5-8minutes long) with an introduction and frequently requested Krishna Das chants included in your one time purchase. You will see that each video indicates the chords as KD plays with the lyrics. He chants and also explains the way in which he plays the chords along with the clear visual showing his fingers.

We hope you enjoy using these tutorials as much as we enjoyed making them.

A full list of the chants included and details on how to access this mini online course can be found in our online shop.

Head over to our ONLINE SHOP to get yours!


  • Steven Prenzlauer says:

    I just purchased this and I can not seem to access it online
    Please advise
    How do I get into the tutorials from KD website?

    • Sarina Rao says:

      Hi Steven,
      Can you please write me an email with your order # details? I am happy to help you access these videos.
      These tutorials will be in your special account that you created when you made your purchase.
      Krishna Das Music

  • marK DADSON says:

    Thank you KD and all those involved bringing these tutorials… I have been trying to piece together, by listening alone, the unique and enchanting way that KD plays the harmonium; with mixed results at best. So these tutorials are like mana from heaven! Thank you KD for your willingness to share what has taken you many years to hone and refine. Your path of sharing the love of your guru through music and through your talking to groups is a great inspiration to me… you have been mining the depths of your soul and you are bringing forth the buried treasure that is in us all…
    bless you and thank you!


  • Trust Base says:

    I am having a really great time with my new harmonium. At age 68 and having never played a musical instrument, I am finding many hours of pleasure playing and singing these simple chants, thanks to your videos and breakfast club. I have been teaching yoga for 8 years and started my own practice 22 years ago. I am looking forward to bringing chanting and harmonium to my classes.

  • Lauren says:

    Hello ! Can you guys suggest a few great beginner mini harmoniums?

    • Sarina Rao says:

      Hi Lauren,
      if you head over to our KD Recommends section (https://krishnadas.wpengine.com/kd-recommends/) and check under “goods+services”, you will find some information!

      Krishna Das Music

    • Shankara says:

      Hi Laureen!
      I personally don’t like those travel ot compact tarmoniums.
      Because they are incredibly expensive and breakable.
      So I would suggest you the little brother of the one which Krishna Das is playing.
      It’s the BIna 23b deluxe. It comes in two versions. the bigger one with 3 1/4 octaves and the mini version with 2 1/2 octaves.
      It has a rich sound and is a good one for beginners. Paloma is manufacturings some mini harmoniums as well.
      But: I really would recommend you to go to a shop and play some harmoniums your are interested in.
      If you buy online an don’t know exactely what you have to expect will often cause a dissappointing surprise.

      Greetings from Germany,
      Shankara Klaus- Peter Jordan

  • Harmonium says:

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