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Become a Pilgrim on the Path of Love Through Devotional Chanting

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

This last year has forced us all to deal with our own suffering.
With our “safe spaces” taken away, we couldn’t just busy ourselves to escape.
But the truth is, this kind of adversity is an essential part of the spiritual path.
As I have said many times, especially recently, it’s why a grounded, healing spiritual practice is so important.
It helps us consciously deal with life’s inescapable issues and cultivate a worldview to help our deal with whatever the world brings to your door…
On Wednesday, May 26, I will share how devotional chanting as a spiritual practice can help us move out of reaction mode — without getting our buttons pushed, which only creates more suffering…
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Become a Pilgrim on the Path of Love Through Devotional Chanting
with Krishna Das
Wednesday, May 26
In this 60-minute free mini-workshop, you’ll discover:
  • What you can learn about your true nature when you tap into compassion and the heart
  • The many ways a spiritual practice can support you through life, changing the way you experience the world and yourself — and even softening your own judgmental voice over time
  • How to soften the way you feel about what’s happening, because most of the time you can’t change the event itself; you’ll learn how to be more at ease in the moment, making you more at ease in the next moment, and the next…
  • The wisdom of the great masters and saints who influenced my life
  • A guided practice, Chanting of the Name, to deepen into the Heart Space and discover why repetition is so important in your practice
As you’ll discover, you can lean on your practice to calm you and give you a graceful way to respond to whatever happens — so you don’t wind up adding to the fire by tossing on the kindling of your emotional reactions.
Together, we will engage in the practice of Chanting of the Name to help us find the Love that lives within us all and see how it’s actually more possible than ever to live an open-hearted life without fear — one that’s full of kindness, compassion, and inner strength… qualities that can’t be destroyed by outside forces.
All love,
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Wednesday, May 26, 2021
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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The Shift Network
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Listed time is for New York. Join in from anywhere in the world!