Outside of the Room

Krishna Das – Ep. 47 – Outside of the Room

On this episode of Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das shows us how through practice we can find our way outside of the room of our ego and find liberation.

Our ego can be like a dark room with no sign of an exit. Spiritual practice provides the light necessary to find our way outside of the room and into the realm of the divine.

Show Notes

Outside of the Room (Opening) – Krishna Das has us picture ourselves in a dark room with no way out. When presented with even just a moment of light, we are shown the way out. Even if the light goes out again we will find our way out, because we know it is there.

Krishna Das talks about where we find ourselves on the spiritual path and why we practice.

“If you are locked in a dark room, and you have never been outside, it never occurs to you that there is a way out. You’re just in the room, in the dark, and then the light might come on for one second; on/off. You see there is a door in the corner of the room which you have never seen before. Even if the light goes off again, you are going to find that door because you know it is there. That’s the position we are all in right now. The light went on in some lifetime, for one second. We know there is a way out of this and we are looking for that.”

It’s Too Simple (8:15) – Chanting is as simple as just coming back to the practice. We are not trying to make something happen; we just have to do it. As we practice, more and more of our daily clinging relaxes and we sit more deeply within ourselves.

“Just come back to the chanting, that’s all you have to do. It’s too easy.”

Looking Inside (18:50) – So many of us that are born in the west are cut off from the feeling of well-being that is fostered in many of the cultures of the east. We spend so much of our lives doing everything but looking inside of ourselves. Krishna Das reminds us that this is why we practice. To find our way outside of the room, by looking inside ourselves.

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