A New Year’s Message from KD

By December 28, 2019 Blog, Foundation Updates
Krishna Das shares this excerpt from ‘The Divine Reality’ with you:
Kishan Lal Sah, a teacher from Ramgarh, Nainital, often visited Kainchi to have Baba’s darshan. His devotion was such that Baba was both his guru and God. In spite of his deep faith, Kishan Lal Sah was feeling depressed. He was disturbed by the evil seen in the world and by his own lack of spiritual progress. One day he went to Kainchi with the thought of discussing the matter with Baba.
When he arrived Kishan Lal saw Baba sitting on one end of the wooden bridge over the river. He went to him and bowed reverently. Before he could ask anything, Baba said, “You see others trapped by maya [illusion]. Narada and Bharata were entrapped by maya. These great sages were trapped by it, so what is there to say about others?” Kishan Lal felt that there was no need to question Baba further.
On a different occasion Sah went to Baba with innumerable questions on spirituality. He greeted Baba, who was lying in his kuti, but he could not think of which question to ask first. Baba selected one important question from the unexpressed ones and answered it without being asked. Baba said, “This temple and whatever is seen by the human eye are illusion. What can you do about it?” This led to other doubts and questions in Kishan Lal’s mind. Baba again answered them without being asked. Baba said, “Delusion makes everything look real.” Kishan Lal thought that there should be a way out. Baba answered, “Attachment is only dispelled by his grace.” How can one obtain his grace? came to Sah’s mind. Baba said, “Constant repetition of God’s name, even without pious feelings, in anger or lethargy, brings out his grace. Once this is realised, there is no room for any misgivings.” In this way Baba satisfied the spiritual seeker by giving simple answers to his important, unexpressed questions. As it says in the Ramayana, “Ram, the embodiment of truth, consciousness, and bliss dispels attachment as the sun dissipates darkness.”
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