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By February 10, 2017 Blog, Foundation Updates, Offerings

Ram Ram

We are thrilled that our Chai’n’Chat series is so popular. Since so many of you cannot travel to us to participate in our YouTube series, we wanted to give all of you across the globe a chance to ask your question too! So we are bringing back ASK KD Episodes. KD reads out questions sent to him and we make a video recording of his answer.

Here’s how it will work….

Send your question to Tell us your name, the city & country you are writing from. If your question is selected, KD will read it out and answer it in a video recording. You can even send in a photo of yourself that we will show during the video.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to get to all question that are sent but we will do our best to answer as many as possible.

So to recap:

-Send your question to
-Give us your full name (we do not share this in the video)
-Send a photo of yourself (only if you would like it to be shown in the video)
-Tell us the city and country you are writing from.

Thank you!
Krishna Das Team


  • Tim wells says:

    Hello I live in England , I’m 57 year old male . I met a Buddhist priest in my work and she sent me on a little journey into being more spiritual . Not that she asked me to ! But some how our one or two meetings about supplying her a kitchen ( that’s my job ) it’s got under my skin . I’ve now read 3 books on Buddhism and it seems there’s more questions than answer lol ????
    I couldn’t really tell anyone what I’ve learnt so far as it seems more to be more of a feeling . An old instinct maybe ?
    In starting on this Road I’ve stumbled on this beautiful music full of feeling and meaning .
    How can a everyday guy like me learn more ? Where do I go and find a teacher ? Who’s the right one . So many questions .
    What I do know is when I listen to this music ? I feel overwhelmed with love ?? Very odd ! Lovely but odd ?!!
    I’m a normal working class man with no real airy fairy view of life ! But something’s happened and I want to do what ever it is in the correct way .
    I would love to know what you think

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

    • ANNAPURNA says:

      Hi Tim, I’m not sure where you live in England but Kirtan is becoming increasingly popular over here and I’m sure you’d be able to find something near to you. There is a newsletter called UK Bhakti (if you Google it) which lists some eventsand contacts but of course there are a lot more- mainly advertised in Yoga venues I think. Yes I agree it’s a unique and heart opening experience but luckily becoming a lot more accepted so less need to keep quiet about it! I live in the NW and got into this several years ago. I now play and lead kirtan (on a small scale!) I wish you well and hope you can find something that will take you forward. Om Shanti 🙂

  • Marielena says:

    I just want to thank you for the incredible voice and lovely music, for bring me the joy that
    I’ve missed, it’s here with me again.

    You should come to México.

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