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By January 14, 2020 Blog, Foundation Updates

KK was the embodiment of True Devotion, Surrender and Seva. He lived in the Land Of Love, spending his time immersing himself in Maharajji and the great saints of India. He was the most beautiful Bhajan singer I have ever heard. He was our great friend, teacher and brother. His absence will be big, but His Presence is bigger. He didn’t want to live in this world without Ram Dass. Now he is with him and Maharajji.
The wave of time has crashed over us and left us standing at the shore …
~ Krishna Das

Krishna Das and K.K. Sah, a lifelong devotee of Maharajji and beloved guru brother, passed away today in India, Jan 14, 2020. Here are some photos and a video of KK, full of devotion, singing the Hanuman Chalisa on Maui in 2014.

Ram Dass, KK and Maharajji

KK Sah and Krishna Das

Deva Bhumi: The Abode of the Gods in India by Krishna Kumar (K.K.) Sah

To the Supreme Unseen Power that propelled me along the path of devotion and became the inspiration for this book.
~ Dedication, Deva Bhumi by K.K. Sah


Deva Bhumi, this book from K.K. Sah, is a gift from the immense heart of the region in northern India known as the Kumaon. It’s K.K.’s story of growing up in the lap of the siddhas.
Above all, this book is permeated with the highest spiritual emotion, or bhav as it’s called in India, that leaves us with the feeling of unconditional love and the possibility for our own realization of true kindness and compassion.”
Ram Dass

If you would like to order a copy of this book you can do so HERE


  • Melanie Johnson says:

    I was moved to hear about KK’s moving on especially so near to Ram Dass’s departure. I only know of him through Krishna Das’ book and talks but from this I at least have a glimpse of who he was/is. And KD has communicated very clearly the importance of that relationship for him. Much love to you at this time.

  • Susan Marlene says:

    I didn’t know about KK; another beloved friend lost to our sight but never to our hearts. So grateful to him for his part in the story of spreading of Maharaji’s love to westerners. And to the westerners, who were soooo fortunate to have been in the presence of such loving beings, thank you for sharing this love. Susan Andric-Cameron (Ottawa,, Canada)

  • Sara says:

    The circle is never broken. It simply keeps expanding & expanding, not only outwardly but inwardly. Blessings.

  • Chickadee says:

    Blessings and Love to you all, and thank you for sharing this sweet spirit who said,
    “Yes, Maharaj-ji, I do not bring you bad people.”

  • Vijay Kumar Sharma says:

    Commendable. Great job in reliving suffering of humanity by singing praise of God. This will definitely calm the confused minds, this is a hard fact, believe me. Whosoever sings praise of God unconditionally would definitely get peace of mind without delay and ultimately get salvation in the end. God bless all believers.
    Vijay Kumar Sharma

  • Manjul says:

    Your Kirtans have played very important part in my life. It opened a big knot inside my being which was holding me from moving ahead. Thanks to you you and lot. May my Prayers reach to Maharaj ji and he guide me to right direction.

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