Chai’n’Chat #13 ~ Beings, Being-ness, And Basketball!

KD and David Nichtern chat about all kinds of things over some chai! David stopped by the studio while this series was being filmed. It was hard to give this episode a title, they cover so many topics…have a look and listen to this sweet and funny chat between long time friends KD and David. Enjoy!

KD mentions David’s book in this episode. You can find out more about David Nichtern’s work and his book “Awakening From The Daydream: Reimagining The Buddha’s Wheel Of Life” on David’s website:

If you are new to this series:

Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice. Thank you to all who asked their question.

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Filmed at You Tube Space, New York

Thanks to those who asked their question and the audio/video and production crew Sandy Chase, Jeremy Frindel, Greg Washburn, Kevin Reilly, Sarina Rao, Nina Rao


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