Chai’n’Chat #17 ~ Pain, Suffering and Separateness

August 13, 2017

Round 2 had begun!
We hope that you have been enjoying the first series of one-on-one episodes with KD.
Here’s the first of a new set: Chai’n’Chat #17 ~ Pain, Suffering and Separateness

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If you are new to the series, here is a little background…

Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice.
We filmed 16 parts to this series at YouTube Space in Manhattan in 2016 year and a coming back in 2017 with more! A new episode will be premier every Wednesday, so please stay tuned!

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For a playlist of previous episodes, click here: Chai’n’Chat Playlist

Each will cover a different topic. We do hope you enjoy watching these, please feel free to leave us your comments below and tell your friends!

A big thank you to all who asked their question.

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  • Gloria Ellis says:

    I love the Chai n’Chat series. I can go back and listen and find something new. There are wonderful. Just a side note. I looked for that book on Amazon – $159!!! Ah well, maybe later. Best to you always, KD

  • Allison says:

    Thank You. So Much Love For You!

  • Sumit Chakrabrty says:

    Simply breathe……without any attachment, wherever the breath is felt, Do not allow thoughts, if they come …simply let go. carry on with your breath … till you feel the expansion of consciousness within, then you can travel within. To penetrate further one has to let go of ego, i.e. doing your meditation selflessly ( giving the fruit of our meditation to the almighty), skillfully, doing meditation it regularly. I feel too much adhering to truth is even addiction, so i believe one has to traverse the middle way by meditating ….Simply breathing. Regards

  • Sumit Chakrabrty says:

    Dear Sir, the above feedback I gave in regard to avoid pain and suffering, my quest is not to feel and align, but to be the being. I m on the still on the path discovering.

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