Chai’n’Chat #5 ~ With Krishna Das: Music In Relation To Chanting

KD discusses several topics in episode #5. Music in relation to chanting starts it all off.

If you are new to the Chai’n’Chat series. Here is some information:

Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice. Thank you to all who asked their question.

Chai ‘n’ Chat video series is made possible by the Kirtan Wallah Foundation.


Filmed at You Tube Space, New York

Thanks to those who asked their question and the audio/video and production crew Sandy Chase, Jeremy Frindel, Greg Washburn, Kevin Reilly, Sarina Rao, Nina Rao


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  • Gloria Ellis says:

    Always so inspiring. I understood a few things that I had not – like the ‘pulling’, indwelling, etc. Just a lovely time spent. THANK YOU SO MUCH,

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