Chai’n’Chat with KD #2 ~ Spiritual Life and Service

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Here’s the second in the series, discussing spiritual life and service.

If you are new to the series, here is a little background…

Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice.
We filmed 16 parts to this series at YouTube Space in Manhattan earlier this year. A new episode will be premier every Tuesday, so please stay tuned!
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Each will cover a different topic. We do hope you enjoy watching these, please feel free to leave us your comments below.

A big thank you to all who asked their question.

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  • john says:

    Whoa, great vid! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nancy Osman says:

    Your ability to answer day-to-day questions in a compassionate, humorous and insightful way is breath-taking.

  • Jude says:

    I enjoyed and was touched by # 3. The wisdom that comes is like salve gently covering the scraped knees
    from running away and tripping over life. KD allows NKB to speak gently and strongly with mercy through him. I wish
    KD would write another book about his experiences with the many great beings he has come in contact with. He is such a great storyteller, not to mention funny. This wisdom is really helpful and meaningful.
    How many Americans lived near a Avatar for over 3 years? I am so blessed to share in this process.

  • Krishna Das Music says:

    Reposted from an email comment by Lynda Bellefleur

    “I like what KD says about Fears……my big problem….trying to run away or hide from fear…????????????????….Xo”

    Thanks Lynda ~ Krishna Das Music

  • Krishna Das Music says:

    Reposted from an email comment by Krystal Kinnunen


    Thank you Krystal ~ Krishna Das Music

  • Krishna Das Music says:

    Reposted comment from our Facebook page by Julie M. Woodruff:

    “Discussion of our fear, recognition of our separateness, and feeling isolated. This Chat is so very timely during the ugliest election campaign in recent memory and well worth a few minutes of everyone’s time. Namaste.”

    Thank you Julie M. Woodruff ~ Krishna Das Music

  • Annapoorna says:

    Great chai chat. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and have been through a battle and blessing with cancer. I have gone back to yoga teaching only two days a week after treatment and operation for 7 months. I have had many questions and answers have not been very clear to me . I discovered that i now have time to listen and look! and Feel a bit more. Thankyou for the wise words and certainly a reminder of the fear aspect. Sometimes we forget a little and have to begin again looking at life through different eyes. Today’s words were very appropriate for me. When are you coming to Adelaide South Australia!!! Sokay ill look at your program.

    Om namah shivaya Annapoorna

  • Roger Blom says:

    I love the way KD can make a n incredible spiritual insight and than interject this down to earth sense of humor. He can melt my heart and than crack me up. Blessings! Namaste.

  • mukti says:

    I found it humorous that after KD mentioned John Lennon as – always being so angry and how could he sing about peace yet be so angry…
    Then KD concluded the conversation by quoting a John Lennon lyric – “What ever gets you through the night”.
    Cosmic humor and ( the ) KALI ( yuga) always holding the sword of discretion over our heads… Hahaha!
    Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy and appreciate hearing Kd answer people’s questions. It is imperative that we forgive ourselves as our karma reveals itself to us. Always living in a state of showing compassion to others as well as ourselves. And living as a work in perpetual progress.
    ???? ❤️ ☮️

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