Chai’n’Chat with KD #3 ~ Being Present

“Being Present” is on the table at Chai’n’Chat with KD – Episode #3!

If you are new to the series, here is a little background…

Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice.
We filmed 16 parts to this series at YouTube Space in Manhattan earlier this year. A new episode will be premier every Tuesday, so please stay tuned!
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Each will cover a different topic. We do hope you enjoy watching these, please feel free to leave us your comments below.

A big thank you to all who asked their question.

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  • Fran says:

    Liked this one very much. One thing that Jimmy could do, when out walking and seeing everyone else on their phone, tis o take out his phone – hold it so he’s looking at the back (no one will notice) – and count to 5 for getting present. Then, just pop it back in his pocket. Meditation break accomplished!

  • Fran says:

    Sorry about the spelling : “is to take”

  • Hope fay says:

    I am deeply touched by this talk and what touches me is the forgiveness
    of self love that no matter where I am it is all well and that gives me the space to keep remembering to come back to myself . This brings tears to my eyes.
    Thank you

  • Linda says:

    Just love and appreciate warmth and love of these intimate chats, so universally relevant to all. Thank you for music just resonate to your chants they have touched me. Play Kirtan Wallah all the time while driving and have experienced some real heart opening. Thanks again for reaching this corner of planet called Staffordshire England xx

  • Marion Saraswati says:

    THIS is a great Opurtunity for me as i am from Portugal and can not go to America all my Gratitude goes out to Krishna Das
    what I love so much on him that he is authentic and everytime I learn from him when I listen to his compassion and words
    I got all his cds because it goes right to the Heart

  • Andrea says:

    This really touches me. I’ve been to a number of concerts and workshops in Europe but have now moved to Australia (SO far away…) so this little series means a lot. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together!

  • Gloria says:

    I absolutely love this one. Until you get to that space of presence, it can be very hard to understand what it means to be present. Once you start ‘being here’ and can recognize, re cog nize what it is like it is very appealing and the pull to continue coming back home become planted. I think KD really explains it well.

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