Chai’n’Chat Round 2!

By March 14, 2017 Blog

We just wrapped up filming our second set of Chai’n’Chat with Krishna Das!
This series, brought to you by the Kirtan Wallah Foundation, is an in person Q & A session with KD. We film these segments at Youtube Space in Manhattan. Thanks to all of you Questioners who came to chat with KD and share what might be going on in all our hearts and lives.
The first series consisted on 16 episodes, you can find these on our Krishna Das’ official Youtube Channel. If you a have not seen them, watch them HERE!
The next set will be edited and aired soon. Be sure to subscribe on the channel for notifications when we share new videos!
We, the Kirtan Wallah Foundation, love putting together and sharing these with you all. Thank you for all the kind comments and messages we receive about the sessions!
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Thanks to our crew: Sandy Chase, Jeremy Frindel, Matt Thomas, Kevin D. Reilly, Sarina Rao, Paulette Ciotti, Leslie Graves, and Nina Rao. Here are some behind the scenes photos:

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