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We are happy to offer you a new section for free stuff right here on our website. We will keep adding gifts from Krishna Das and Kirtan Wallah Foundation to this section and you can collect them all in you very own Krishna Das E-Library!

Check out our new FREE GIFTS section and start your collection today.
Oh and don’t forget, there’s also…

A collection of Krishna Das quotes. Download them, send them to your friends, print them out!

Lyrics for many KD favorites from his albums for you to follow along while we chant together.

Be sure to subscribe to our OFFICIAL YouTube channel. We add new videos every week!

We are grateful for donations made to the Kirtan Wallah Foundation that make these free offerings possible.

Krishna Das says ~

“Thank you to everybody who has donated to the Kirtan Wallah Foundation, which allows us to deepen our sharing of Neem Karoli Baba’s grace and blessings with people of all walks of life. Donations are like streams, flowing into the great river of compassion that carries us to the ocean of Love.”

Thank you!

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