Words from Garrison Workshop 2015

By April 26, 2016 Blog

“When somebody’s yelling at you and maybe even threatening you, what they’re really saying is, “Help me! Look at me! Look at all the suffering I’m about to create here. Look at the pain I’m in.” But we don’t see it. We see it as a threat, because we are stuck in our little world. When we’re not as stuck in our little world, and we’re not threatened by other people’s actions or views of us, then our hearts are available to do something that might help the situation lighten up instead of making it heavier by just reacting blindly.” – Krishna Das, Garrison Workshop, 2015


Topics like these are covered in Krishna Das Audio Workshop Downloads. These audio downloads are recordings from KD’s workshops. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours in duration. We have listed a few topics discussed in each one to help you in your selection.

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