Hanging in the Heart Space – Free Online Satsang June 18 REPLAY


Quote KD shared from Ram Dass during this session:

“I now accept that His Grace is sufficient for me. I need nothing more. Though I have no powers, no great visions, or astral contacts, no super energy which frees from sleep nor am I yet purged of all worldly desires, yet His Grace is sufficient. . . for I am coming to know the power of love. ‘My strength is made perfect in weakness.’
            I am coming to suspect that I have been seeking and expecting the wrong sign. And that who we are to become we already are—but the humbleness of the sign of the spirit leads us to overlook it. I think in my Western desire mind I have wanted great powers to heal and impress those who are impressed by power – that the spirit exists. . . to impress myself. But as faith grows, I come to see that power attracts power. But that love attracts love. And I am blessed enough to transcend the need for power. Then I shall become love and know only love in all whom I meet. That is heaven on earth. That is the true teaching.” ~Ram Dass

We always look forward to another Hanging in the Heart Space online satsang with all of you. These events are FREE for all to join. Krishna Das will tell stories and respond to a few questions, but mostly the evening is devoted to chanting together.

For those of you who cannot join the live event  a recording is always available immediately after for you to watch at your convenience.

You can watch the livestream and the recording right here on our website. Head over at the time of the livestream (7pm New York time) to join us live or anytime after to watch the recording. The link is below.

Our Thursday Online Satsangs have been such heartfelt gatherings of community! Here’s what some friends have to say about them:

“Thanks beyond measure for sharing your practice with us. I always seem to need this most by the time Thursday night rolls around.????????????Ram RamJai Hanuman”

“I am loving ???? the satsang! Fills my heart with love!!!”

“I love this satsang each Thursday it brings me back to Love every week thank you so much ????”

We will send a reminder via our e-newsletter. Sign up HERE is you don’t already get it! All dates are also listed in our events section. Mark your calendars!

The Thursday Online Kirtan/Satsang will continue to be free and available to all. However, Krishna Das supports himself, and his team, by touring and offering kirtan. The need to cancel all events during this time has significantly, and without preparation, impacted us. We know many of you are struggling with this as well, but if you feel moved to make a contribution to help support KD and his team during this time, you can do so via PayPal or by checks made out to: Pilgrim Heart Inc. Please email Nina@KrishnaDas.com for the address.


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