Hanging in the Heart Space Online Satsang-WATCH REPLAY!

By April 2, 2020 Blog, Free Gifts, Offerings

Your replay is ready!

Thank you all for joining us. Head over to our ONLINE SATSANG PAGE to watch!

The Thursday Online Kirtan/Satsang will continue to be free and available to all. However, Krishna Das supports himself, and his team, by touring and offering kirtan. The need to cancel all events during this time has significantly, and without preparation, impacted his ability to do that. We know many of you are struggling with this as well, but if you feel moved to make a contribution to help support KD and his team during this time, you can do via Paypal HERE


  • Molly Huff says:

    Thank you for your voice, for your wisdom and for just being you. I chatted with you at Kripalu earlier this month. Was suppose to visit my son in LA next month the Mozart fan. We were going to come to your show in LA but looks like hopefully in August!! Be well Peace

  • Kimberly J Treadway says:

    Thank you!

  • Marcel says:

    Thank you very much. Very grateful for your offering of Spirit tonight. May you be healthy, feel peace and be free of suffering. Namaste

  • Pamela Greer says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! I feel so much lighter! I usually chant every day to either the CDs or the Youtube kirtans, but coming together to chant with you and others live, even online, helped me feel connected to the community in a deep way. So important right now. You asked if we had any suggestions and I only have one: please do this again soon! Until then, sending you and everyone peace and blessings.

  • Jaivanti says:

    Thank you! I watched live, and then rewatched. So appreciate you offering this.

  • Holly Mitchell says:

    Dear Krishna Das,
    I just wanted to thank you so much for a truly beautiful evening last night! I felt so much lighter afterwards and felt a space around me that I’ve never felt before…it was like if you mixed physical space with silence and peace.
    I was so touched by your stories, especially when you talked about Ram Dass.
    Thanks again!

  • Fatima says:

    Thank you for doing this Krishna Dasji. Maharaji pours through you and love the stories that you share about your time at ashram in Nanital and all the learnings. Thank you for opening your heart and bringing love and joy.

    Thank you.


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