The Hanuman Chalisa: A Chant of Love

By April 24, 2016 Blog


  • Thank you so much, Krishna Das for keeping me on the Bhakti path by the sharing of your Kirtan and especially encouraging me to remember the Hanuman Chalisa that I learned from my guru in 1978. You have fanned the flames of my love for Hanumanji and there are no words for the sweetness and the empowerment that brings into my life. Thank you again and again for sharing the power and beauty of this path and especially bringing the Hanuman Chalisa to so many people. You have inspired beautiful awakenings in the hearts of millions by sharing your love.
    Gratitude and Blessings, Shanta
    Jai Sita Ram! Jai Hanuman!

  • paul bikoff says:

    “Sing it & He will come….
    Chant of Dreams….”

  • Ramya says:

    Thanks for the beautiful blog. I usually don’t post to anything, but was so inspired by this story.

  • Anna Barton says:

    Hello Krishna Das,
    Dark and raining here in Chicago but I feel so happy !
    I would not know Hanuman Chalisa if I did not have an encounter with you in NY in 2011 that is changing my life …. Today chanted quietly 3 rounds of Chalisa while walking to the Farmers Market at 8 am as our Hanuman Chalisa Daily does all over the world… Happy to meet Ira in Chicago who founded the group few months ago and we become friends spontaneously.
    Gratitude for bringing this gift into my life and many others so we can flow with joy of living !
    May you life flow as well filled with quiet joy ….

  • Mark Babaji says:

    Thanks for everything, Jai Shree Hanuman Ji

  • Anna Barton says:

    I am still here , practicing Hanuman Chalisa each morning at 8 am and some more during the day whenever I feel like doing it ..,
    I totally forgot to ask for your permission of using some quotes from Flow of Grace , most of the time I include your name , sometimes I am really in a rush to post in the morning for everyone in the group . There is an amazing crowd of lovely , supportive people in H. Ch. D. Chant .. So far I enjoy very much being part of the loving “chosen” people but soon may not be enough if we do not do more together like charity etc.
    I wish I live in NY so I would be able to attend all the Kirtans happening now., if only could fly without the airplane !
    Many folks from the group are there now !
    Wishing you an unchanging evening of Love.

  • Carol Stahl says:

    It’s all about the love KD experienced upon meeting Maharagi-Ji – an unconditional love. How wonderful a gift! Thank you so much KD for sharing your gift with us.

    I love your your latest book – ❤️ Thank you.

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  • Thank you Krishna das ji for this beautiful blog.. and bringing hanuman chalisa close to so many people

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