Hanuman’s Leap of Faith

By January 13, 2022 Blog

Krishna Das and Michael Sternfeld  have collaborated on a new Hanuman project, called Hanuman’s Leap of Faith.  This 7-hour audio series will take you on a deep dive, exploring Hanuman’s great exploits from the epic Ramayana.

At the core of the production are 40 excerpts or passages distilled from Michael’s original audio production of the unabridged Valmiki Ramayana, covering virtually everything Hanuman says, does and thinks in the great epic. Interwoven with these passages are introductory sections, commentary, story context, music and prayers from KD and Michael, creating a rich tapestry of experience and inspiration for all things Hanuman.

The intention of this production is to inspire all who listen to imbibe and integrate Hanuman’s beautiful qualities of love, devotion and service into their lives.

About Michael Sternfeld:

Michael Sternfeld, MA, is a lover of all things Ramayana. He is an independent scholar and also a producer/director with over 400 productions in theater, music, dance, audio and video to his credit. He earned his MA in Vedic Science from Maharishi University of Management, during which he became fascinated with the Ramayana. He has spent the last 30 years creating numerous productions of the great epic, including theatrical productions, a theme park, and the first complete audio production of the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki. At 75 hours long, this production is the world’s longest audiobook. Mr. Sternfeld has also published many articles and regularly speaks on the Ramayana at universities and in executive leadership settings across the country. In addition to publishing the complete audio Ramayana, he has also published numerous other audiobooks, including: Ram’s Dharma: Leadership Secrets of the Ultimate Warrior~Sage~Prince and All Love Flows to the Self: Eternal Stories from the Upanishads.

Michael has been practicing meditation regularly for over 45 years and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa, from where he often serves as a producer/consultant for the David Lynch Foundation.

Hanuman’s Leap of Faith is approximately 7 hours in length—divided into 7 sections for ease of listening.

Part ISetting the Stage
This includes introductions by KD & MS, Hanuman Chalisa, the Hanumat Stawan prayer and Ramayana story synopsis.
Part IIHanuman Meets Ram & the Search for Sita
The meeting between the beloved Ram and Hanuman and the search begins.
Part IIIHanuman’s Great Leap
Hanuman rises to his full power as he embarks on his flight across the ocean to find Sita.
Part IVHanuman Restores Sita’s Faith
The beautiful dialogue between Sita and Hanuman.
Part VHanuman’s Power & Prowess
Hanuman displays his prowess as he challenges the demon race.
Part VIThe Great Battle
The final showdown between the forces of good and evil.
Part VIIEpilogue & Conclusion
Final passages, conclusions and vision for future.

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