In The Spirit – KD sits down with Gary Goldberg for a chat

By February 6, 2018 All Podcasts, Blog

KD joins Gary Goldberg’s “In the Spirit” radio segment for a chat. This interview 1h 15m long. We hope you enjoy listening! There’s a quick summary below of what’s up when you click play!

KD also talks about his upcoming retreat at Garrison Institute, NY. This popular winter retreat is a great place to dive deep into what KD talks about in this interview. More details HERE

“We’re gonna try and do some longer chanting periods – some chants for a longer period of time. When you do one chant for a longer period of time, you start to come up against boredom, memories, sadness, heaviness, distracted thinking, anxiousness – those thoughts can come up – the idea is to keep singing through it and that breaks a lot of the power those thoughts have over us. Just keep singing through those states of mind as they arise…and as they pass away. As you do that, it tends to be a very purifying experience and lightening of the heart. But no promises!”

Interview contents:
Music/Track: By Your Grace/Heart as Wide as the World
Music/Track: Devi Chant/Trust in the Heart

Discussion topics:
– Ram Dass
– Practice & Wellbeing
– Watching & Not Clinging
– Extended Chanting/Garrison Retreat Feb 8-12
– Sharon Salzberg & Robert Thurman
– ‘Trust in the Heart’ album & special new single to be released
– ‘Sundhara Chalisa’ story

Music/Track: River of Mahamantra/Trust in the Heart


  • Linda Boucher says:

    Thank you for sharing the interview. Love the whole Trust In The Heart cd. Each chant is my favorite at the time I’m hearing them. Each of them, the Devi Chant in particular, reaches into my soul and connects my heart to beautiful Love & Light that surrounds and dances with me. I often see Neem Karole Baba’s smile when I hear your chants. Thank you Krishna Das and your beloved Guru for bring this Joy to my life.

  • E says:


  • thank you Dear Krishna Das.
    i have never attended any of your workshops
    hope to one day

    Thankyou for sharing Chai and Chat and
    thankyou for ALL YOU HAVE SHARED

    Sending you love and Blessings.

    long story i have, frannie fontana

  • Sabine Bendixen says:

    My heart opens wide each time I hear KDs voice and the longing for that place in all of us.
    And I so wished I could join the retreat in Garrison next weekend. Not this year but I will follow the call of my heart and
    join the next time! Sending love and light from Germany, Sabine

  • oh. Ram Dass told me once: ” The less you say, the better….” so…I guess I have nothing to say…Anjani Barbara Brown, East Lansing, MI

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