Nature and the Name ~ Sacred Music for Sacred Forests

In the Ramayana it is said that the very leaves of the trees in forest resonated with the vedas and chants of the rishis and sages who practiced there so intensely. On this night we have the chance to offer the chants back to the forest.

Join us for Sacred Music for Sacred Forests Benefit with Krishna Das & Friends. May 30, 2020


Sacred Music for Sacred Forests. Photo: dj Pierce| May 2015

It is amazing and immensely hopeful that India, the most densely populated country in the world, continues to have viable shelter for wildlife and a wild tiger population that can still improve, despite ongoing habitat destruction and poaching.

For the second time, Sacred Music for Sacred Forests, an intimate evening of sacred music to honor and conserve the sacred groves of wild India, home of the majestic tiger will take place on May 30, 2020 in NYC. This special event includes Friends of Krishna Das ~ Nina Rao, Arjun Bruggeman, Mark Egan, Devadas, Janaki Kagel and other special guests opening the gathering with Krishna Das kirtan anchoring the event for a major part of the evening. {GET YOUR TICKETS}

“Your voice is as magnificent as the roar of a tiger in the forest on a moonlit night!”

Join us.

100% of net proceeds after the hard costs of venue and sound engineering, go directly toward the field protection of India’s forest, the intricate ecosystem that is the home of the tiger. All musicians are appearing gratis in support of the tiger and the event is being produced and promoted entirely by volunteers.

This gathering hosted by Saving Wild Tigers .org, is a benefit in support of Dr. Ullas Karanth and his daughter Krithi K. Karanth’s conservation work in the remaining forests of India. Both are widely respected as India’s preeminent tiger conservationist and biologist team. You can see their work on . Saving Wild Tigers has supported Dr. Ullas Karanth’s work for 20 years as he worked tirelessly for saving the forests of India backed by science, working with the people especially living around the forests and also in legislation. A wonderful young woman Krithi Karanth continues with the work of her father as a leading conservation scientist. As Chief Conservation Scientist and Director of the Centre for Wildlife Studies, Kirithi’s work focuses on human-animal conflict and land use change.

Saving Wild Tigers, is a non- profit founded by Nina Rao and Sunil Somalwar. Our first event, in 2015, Krishna Das sang at the this unique event in May at the beautiful space at abc Carpet & Home in New York City. All proceeds from the concert were donated to the conservation work of Dr. Ullas Karanth in the remaining forests of India which is last viable home of the wild tiger. Dr. Karanth, of Wildlife Conservation Society  and Dr. Ullas Karanth, India’s preeminent tiger conservationist gave us a presentation about the wild tiger. This event  Nina Rao , Devadas Labrecque (, Janaki Kagel, Arjun Bruggeman  and Mark Egan opened with solo performances and the evening was anchored by Krishna Das’ inimitable kirtan.

Here is video of our 2015 gathering by Sandy Chase / Fluid Film . We hope you enjoy watching and we hope to see you on May 30, 2020 for our next benefit event. GET TICKETS 

Nina Rao, as many of you know, is KD’s manager and assistant and tours with him playing cymbals and singing with him. She is one of the founders of Saving Wild Tigers. Recently, shared her perspective on how she experiences the confluence of the rivers of her practice, her love for Nature, and people she honors and respects, and global climate future for this world. Here’s her first episode as guest podcaster on the Be Here Now Network speaking with Robert A.F. Thurman  about strategies we can use to restore our balance with nature for the sake of our connection, beauty, and global climate. If you would like to watch the video version, you’ll find it HERE.

Nina Rao – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 51 – Preserving the Wealth of Nature with Robert Thurman

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Nature and the Name. Wonderful musicians share their art. Photo: dj Pierce| May 2015

The brilliant Dr. Karanth who had has for over 30 years has protected tigers and their habitat with determination, science, and fortitude. Photo: dj Pierce| May 2015

Dr Karanth saying to KD: “Your voice is like the roar of a tiger on a moonlit night!” Photo: dj Pierce| May 2015

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