Heart Of Grace – “There is no fulfillment in stuff”

By May 19, 2016 Blog

Beautiful stage flowers by Susan Donahue Pogwist.

A weekend, down by the Jersey shore for Heart Of Grace Workshop and Kirtan with Krishna Das…. a few highlight moments for you!


Here is a clip from the evening, Krishna Das talks about: “There is no fulfillment in stuff”


Dreams of finding lasting happiness in this world, in this world, not possible. You can find it in here (points to heart) and it’s everywhere. You get a fancy house and you get a hurricane. You get a car, then you get an accident. This world is not made for happiness. I’m sorry, it’s not…. that’s not the program. I don’t know why they tell us that’s the program. It’s not the program. And if you look for happiness in stuff, you ain’t gonna find it. That’s what the Buddha said. He came out of the jungle and he said,”Yo Monks! Stuff don’t work!” That’s what he said! He said, there will always be dissatisfaction; there will always be discontentment. There will never be fulfillment in stuff and things. That goes right on to the some of the deepest inner plains that don’t last. People get all caught up in “bliss worlds”. I wish, but those things don’t last. What lasts is Love. Real Love. Love that lasts 24 hours a day. That’s our true nature. And we’re so programmed to look outside, that we don’t see it. Looking outside for it, we will never find it. When you touch it here (touches heart), you see it everywhere. Because it is everywhere. Everybody is a part of it.

(*This is a transcription of the the content in the video featured here.)



  • GARY SMITH says:

    Oh Das won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?

  • Yogadhar says:

    Wherever you put your energy, that is your God.
    If you watch television, you will reap whatever the rewards of the Television God are.
    The Universe is a great big playground, and you are free to do anything, (just take a look around at what some Earthlings are doing )…. but everyone reaps exactly what they sow, no more, no less.
    While bliss is not an end unto itself, one of the purposes of the Essence Bliss state is to make us willing to go through the form our karma.
    The best thing to do right now is to align with your dharma, even if that is being a “toenail” in the Divine Body.
    Now, let’s CHANT !!!

    • Kaivalya says:

      Amen. Sitting on my little patio surrounded by trees, The sound of birds, the the splash of our Krishna Radha fountain, my life partner and son on 4 th of July weekend. It’s takes a lifetime to become simple , to develop the mindfulness to remember and recognize what is eternal and changeless. Everything else it seems gets gobbled up in the jaws of continuous change
      and dies away eventually. The most important question I ask myself now is how am I loving?
      Not what am I getting..
      It feels like a deep acceptance of coming into life as it is in the here and now and surrendering to “it’s enough” and it’s good.
      it takes a lifetime and lots of practice to keep fear and doubt from trampling on the contentment.

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