Omega Flashback + The Power of Chant Podcast

By September 8, 2020 Blog

We are missing our days at Omega Institute! At this time in past years we would be wrapping up our annual Ecstatic Chant Weekend and Workshop. So we gathered up a couple of video favorites as we flashback to 2016. Enjoy this recording of You Gotta Move sung live by Deva Premal, Miten, Krishna Das & Friends.



PODCAST: We’ve also included a new podcast with KD: In this bonus episode of Dropping In, KD explains the power of repetition in chant for connecting with the divine and how the lack of early belief systems in his family shaped him. It also features insights and performances recorded at “KD’s” Omega workshop, interwoven with an intimate conversation with longtime public radio journalist, Karen Michel, at his home. Listen Here


Nina, Janaki and Krishna Das in the dining hall @ Omega Institute 2016!


  • Linda says:

    Thanks for the recording of 2016. Miss my omega and the truly magical and sacred space it is. 2021 ecstatic chant is gonna be epic????

  • Scott McMurry says:

    Sending Blessings and Love to all the Hearts and Souls that are interconnected through the beautiful practice of Chanting the Name! I look forward to the next time we are together.

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