Sacred Journey Update! – Australian Aboriginal Elders & Lakota Nation Elders Gather

Ngopun Ruwe- Wolakota The Journey back in time to go forward.
A meeting of two ancient Tribes. The Kukabrak peoples of southern South Australia and the Lakota of America.

{July 2019}

As some of you may remember, we posted about a a wonderful project Kirtan Wallah Foundation was happy to support. Details from our original post are below, incase you missed it. Today we are delighted to share with you a report of this endeavor via this video. We do hope you enjoy watching scenes and listening to talks from this momentous gathering. As always we are grateful for your continued support of Kirtan Wallah Foundation and our mission to offer assistance to organizations around the world, whose efforts are in alignment with the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba.




Original post 4/4/2019: 

Ancient spiritual Truths have been held by lineages that are still present in the world today.

These Tribal and Aboriginal lineages are being assaulted by modern life and in peril of disappearing from the Earth.
KWF supports the developing communication between native Groups from all parts of the world.
We have helped to connect Australian Aboriginal Elders with the Elders of the Lakota Nation.
~ Krishna Das

The Kirtan Wallah Foundation is also happy to support this endeavor with a monetary donation in addition to help with connecting the elders for this scared gathering. Here is a brief description about the project and information on how you can support, if you choose, the NGOPUN RUWE – WOLAKOTA group’s crowd-funding campaign to make this meeting a reality.

“we need to walk backwards into the future”

In July, 8 elders from the Southern South Australian tribes will embark on a historical 2-week journey to gather, learn, and share with the Lakota first nations-elders in the South Dakotas USA.This in not just a fluffy feel good trip to the USA – These elders have the future of their community and families at stake – life expectancy and health Statistics are alarming for Indigenous people in this lucky country. The simple act of pledging and sharing this information is going a long way towards enacting the Uluru Statement – “let’s walk together in a movement of the Australian people for a better future”.

This is an all or nothing campaign for us. We have set a target of 21K and we feel we will reach this in no time. It only takes a few minutes to watch this small film we have created and have a look at the page – You will then see how important and vital this gathering is. It will tell you all about the vision and what we aim to achieve. If you can pledge your support and also share this page – We feel the power of this gathering will touch the hearts of immeasurable people now and generations well into the future.

Watch & Support Here

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