The White Peacock and Other Tales From India!

By January 25, 2016 Blog
January 25, 2016
Hello Dear Friends,
As always being in India is wonderful in so many ways. We have made our way from Mumbai, Maharashtra to Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu to Uttarkhand, Rishikesh along with some amazing short stops along the way.
Here are a few travel photo highlights for you, including a story from KD about his encounter with a White Peacock!
We have been sharing many photographs of our events and travels from this India trip on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please be sure to check us out there for lots more posts pictures and other content. I’ve been trying to build my following, particularly on Instagram where I’ve been recommended one or two tools to help with that (find out here). Wanting more of a following is simple, so more people to see the joys of India and as a result be more encouraged to travel here. I’ve been thinking about the opportunity to get free instagram followers on Socialfollow, so that I can build up my interactions.
We will be returning home to the US this week and will see you soon. Our next event is in the Bahamas at the Sivanada Ashram followed by Stockbridge, MA. Please check out our tour schedule for a list of upcoming events. We would love to see you.
Looking forward to chanting with you soon,
Ram Ram
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I went out to sit quietly before singing at Ramanashram in Tiruvannamalai. I was sitting on a rock and I noticed a white peacock on a branch about 30 feet away. After a while someone walked by and pointed above my head. The peacock had moved and was sitting directly above my head. It stayed there as long as I sat there. It felt like such a blessing… I was also scared that it was gonna take a crap on my head!!! It didn’t and when I got up to go, I thanked it for taking good care of me. ~ a KD story and selfie

Krishna Das in the Mango Tree Cave at Arunachala, receiving Tripunda (sacred ash) from The Pujari.
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Sitting on the banks of the Ganga by Rishi Vasishtas Cave, one hour outside Rishikesh. Photo by KD
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Packed up sound system leaving our Rishikesh venue today on cycle rickshaw!
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Speaking Heart Workshop in Mumbai. Photo by Payal Kumar.
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Krispy Kreme snack time at the Chennai airport with Nina Rao, Ty Burhoe and friend. Photo by Nina.
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Marigolds say it all! Stage decorations at The Ganga Prem Hospice, Rishikesh. Photo by Nina.
Bye for now!
“Feeling good is not the point – it’s being connected so that the highs and lows don’t matter. You spend less time at the mercy of all those heavy negative thoughts.”
-Krishna Das

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