“What Shall I sing to you?”

By June 5, 2016 Blog

Krishna Das asked this into the silence of the women’s barracks in Auschwitz/Birkenau. Hear the answer that came in this video conversation between him and Bernie Glassman. They met soon after the ‪Zen Peacemakers‬ 2015 ‪Native American‬ ‪Bearing Witness‬ Retreat and shared their experiences in the ‪‎Black Hills‬, ‪South Dakota‬ and in ‪‎Auschwitz‬/Birkenau, ‪Poland‬. Included here is a rare video of KD playing in Birkenau.

A transcription of the conversation is available here.



  • Richa Kapoor says:


  • Jan Miller says:

    This video of Bernie and K.D. shows me what to aspire to now; another layer of moving beyond the self.
    Truly touching and inspiring. Much gratitude to both.

  • Such a moving piece of sharing. In gratitude ????

  • Corina Herr says:

    Powerful. Loved it.

  • Thank you, Bernie & KD for a kind demonstration of a way that we may expand our practices to levels of deeper authenticity. This looks lto be beautiful ground-breaking & bubble-bursting inner work that you’re doing in these Bearing Witness retreats.

  • alberta dering says:

    Perfect Segway in my life. Thank you for sharing❤️????????????

  • This moving interview and video is another in a squence of interactions with KD that is helping me , so immediately -to face the aging and illness of my parents….To accept and open to the cycle of life and death that I have been avoiding. It’s literally amazing how directly last week’s q&a in the heartspace and this interview with Bernie Glassman are speaking to me when I need it. Can’t thank you enough.. A whole generation of people are being affected in this transition I suspect by what KD, BG and RD are offering.

  • Brenda Novack says:

    Very moving. Beautiful. Interesting discussion about fear. Much to ponder. Thank you! Blessings, and Namaste.

  • Roberta says:

    “What shall I sing?” Profound question in so many situations … What an honor to hear Bernie and K.D’s conversation. And then so surprising and emotional to recognize and sing with him to those many souls. Thanks! R

  • Nancy says:

    Powerful message

  • Zdzislawa Pollok says:

    I just whant to thank you both for the big kindness and Respekt for those soals that are still there looking for theire Release . I can only say Namaste and my Heart Is so full of Sandes and behind that a lot of joy for that big heavenly work that you are doign. Namaste .

  • radhika says:

    Argala Stotra in Auschwitz. Ma Durga’s healing touch. I am speechless.

  • so beautiful. across time and space. thank you.

  • Kelley Taylor says:


  • Anna Barton says:

    Ah , melts my heart ………………….. To tears.
    So tender , loving , gentle people.
    My deepest gratitude for making this incredible effort to purify this land of suffering and horror.
    For acknowledging , for remembering all souls who could not be honor otherwise .
    This land has belonged to my family long time ago . My deepest regards for your compassionate output of removing fears of separation.
    I’ve been there only once in my life.
    Remember from my childhood story of a priest Maximilian Maria Kolbe who gave up his life there to a man who had family to live for …,,

  • Eileen Cole says:

    Wow! Real love in action. Thank you both for showing us that power.


  • Gary Brachmann says:

    Lots of love,and tears of remembrance

  • Chris says:

    Thank you for this heartbreakingly beautiful story – I am beginning to understand what Bhakti is… and have the Breath of the Heart album on heavy rotation 7 days a week… it’s keeping me afloat and reminding me to be here now.

    Also, I love the connection between the hindu chants, the harmonium and jewish folk music. It’s all one.

  • Martin Runge says:

    Thank you KD and Bernie ???????? I participated in the Bearing Witness Retreat in Ausschwitz 1989. It was so hard and so precious. The interview and your singing in the barracs brought me back immediately… I never thought so but maybe I should go there again.
    Thank you ????❤️???????????? Kon Ron Mon — Gates of sweet nectar. They still scare me again and again but sometimes the heart opens in love and there is no more fear
    Namaste ???????? Martin

  • Martin Runge says:

    It was 1997. pardon me, sometimes numbers get mixed up

  • Pat says:

    so touching.

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