Surrender To What Is

Krishna Das – Ep. 73 – Surrender To What Is

This time on the Pilgrim Heart Podcast, Krishna Das and Robert Thurman explore the path of surrender and the possibility of realization through faith alone.

By Faith Alone

Robert shares the story of Sherenika The Wanderer, an ascetic who realized transcendent wisdom through his faith. He and Krishna Das talk about the possibility of transcendence though faith alone.

”Faith could be a path to wisdom. It could be a path to the experience of reality that is, which then leads to salvation. Then that reality is experienced as blissful nurturing compassion.” – Bob Thurman

Krishna Das and Robert Thurman discuss the faith and healing that come along with spiritual practice on Ep. 72 of the Pilgrim Heart Podcast
Surrender To What Is (12:15)

Krishna Das and Robert reflect on the path of surrender, looking at the true release that is required for complete surrender.

“You have to keep letting go. Surrender is surrender.” – Krishna Das

Unfolding With Love (42:45)

KD and Robert share stories of enlightened beings, like Maharaj-ji and The Buddha. Together they explore the quality of love and compassion that the disciples of these beings experienced through them.

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