Devotion Defined

Krishna Das – Ep. 41 – Devotion Defined

In this episode of Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das answers questions from students on mantra, devotion, and practice.

KD comments on spending time on worrying what others believe and listening to advice on what is and is not correct spiritual practice. What is the heart of devotion? Listen as KD reminisces about past “love” and learning what love and devotion really mean to him.

“Devotion is when love is not attached to an object, another person or thing. It is almost like being in love with the love.” -KD

Show Notes

00:01 – How does one share Buddhism with non-theists in a way that is not off-putting that they might accept?

What is important to remember is that it is not important to worry about what others think about different spiritual or religious practice. As Maharaji said, “It is all one.” As long as what we are happy and treating others well, it doesn’t matter what anyone believes.

03:30 – Insight on using mantras, certain teachers choose to stick to certain mantras. Once again, the answer is, “who cares?” We must follow our heart in everything. If a mantra speaks to you and works, then that is the right mantra. Not what other people tell you is the correct mantra is for you.

06:15 – When KD learned to sing, how was he instructed? He just started from where he was and let the practice take over. This approach is an important lesson to keep in mind for all practices. Just put the time in, and let it take over.

10:30 – A joke about the Buddha reminds Krishna Das about the first thing Maharaji asked him, whether or not KD had ever studied Buddhism.

12:30 – What does the heart of devotion mean to KD? It is just falling in love. Devotion is when love is not attached to an object.

We must remember though that the Guru is within us, and that we cannot love another before we love ourselves.

21:45 – An audience member shares a story about the inevitability of the practice. The longing we have to get deeper into ourselves and find love what lasts is what carries us. KD gives a unique recitation of “Love Dogs,” by Rumi.

24:55 – KD comments on “revealed names.” These names are pulled from within us, voicing a deep awareness that one way follow back into themselves.

In this podcast, KD talks about the poem “Love Dogs,” by Rumi. For more on “Love Dogs,” check out this podcast from Be Here Now Network guest teacher Mirabai Starr.

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