Call of the Guru, Desire, and Grace

Krishna Das – Ep. 40 – Call of the Guru, Desire, and Grace

Krishna Das takes questions from his audience about desire, grace, and the call of the guru. We are given a glimpse of KD’s life after the death of Maharajji. KD speaks about the role of willpower and the importance of taking control of our lives.

Where do we turn in our darkest hour? Is there anything wrong with desires, or simply how we manage them? When we hear the call of the Guru all we must respond by accepting the call with open hands and heart.

“We have to cup our hands. It is raining everywhere, but unless we cup our hands we get no water to drink.” – KD on willpower. 

Show Notes

00:40 – An audience member asks KD about the inner guru. When the physical form passes, how does one find their guru within? No matter what form the guru takes there will be the call to him or her.

04:35 – KD talks about where he was at mentally and emotionally after the death of Maharajji. As he slipped deeper into despair and self-destruction, KD was left with no other option but to look within. When we are at these most desperate moments that the call of the guru is strongest.

11:00 – Another question from the audience, KD is asked about the juxtaposition of willpower and desire.  While we all possess willpower, how often do we actually spend exercising that willpower? KD discusses surrender and letting your true self step forward.

14:00 – We have lots of desire, there is nothing wrong with those desires. What we need to do, however, is figure out how to live a good life as the person we are. Do do this takes focus and attention which is truly willpower.

16:10 – What is the call of the guru really like?  Our longing for love is a form of the calling out. This is how we know what we really want in life and what pulls us the most.

21:15 – KD is asked about the nature of grace and the mother. We get an understanding of the relationship between God and himself.

25:20 – What is the thing we call grace? Grace is always flowing, like willpower we simply need to cup our hands to receive it.

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