Identity and Purpose

Krishna Das – Ep. 53 – Identity and Purpose

On this episode, Krishna Das looks at the transformative power that practice has to break through who we think we are and uncover our true selves.

Can’t Buy Me Love (Opening) – Despite all of the talk of love, it is something so elusive that most of us don’t believe we can find that love or that it even exists at all. Krishna Das talks about the way that practice reveals that love is not something to find, but something we are able to access at any time and anywhere. He shares stories describing the sweet space of love that Maharaj-Ji created around himself, a kind of space available to us all.

“If we really believed that there is something to find we would already have it, which of course we do but we just don’t know it. So that is the quandary that we are in, we have to do these practices to clean the mirror of our hearts so that we can see our true nature; see the love and beauty that we are. But we don’t believe it exists so we don’t do it.”

Discover More: Ram Dass joins Sharon Salzberg about the love Maharaji-Ji radiated and how practice makes it something possible for everyone to experience on Ep. 51 of the Metta Hour Podcast.

Breaking Through Who We Think We Are (9:10) – When we have faith that this kind of love is real and it lives within us as who we are, not as somebody else, it is a transformative point of view. KD shows us how our practices allow us not only transforms our view of love but all kinds of programming we have developed that keeps us disconnected and out of balance.

“There is no button to push that stops your thoughts. But little by little over time, if you have the right aspiration and do these practices, those thoughts and emotions don’t grab us the same way as they have been our whole lives. That is absolutely the case and if there is one thing I know, that might be it.”

Longing for the Guru (15:45) – A question from the audience about the love for the Guru and attachment to physical form. KD shares the suffering he went through because of his attachment to Maharaj-Ji and gives a few words of advice on how to avoid the same heartache.

“Your job is to get into that longing in a way that it brings you back to yourself, rather than to follow somebody’s body around.”

Stories from the Heart (21:00) – Krishna Das shares more stories from India and answers questions about chanting, fate and spiritual practice.

“If you don’t do the practice you can’t pick yourself up like this, no matter how strong you are.”

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