Krishna Das – Ep. 50 – Seeds of Practice

On this episode of Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das encourages us to break down the walls of our ordinary minds by planting the seeds of practice.

Show Notes

Seeds of Practice (Opening) – Krishna Das explains the reason for the repetition of the many names of God. He encourages us to free ourselves by planting the seeds of practice.

“The root of all these names is pure being; is presence; is awareness; is love; is Atman; is; Buddha Nature; is self. All those things are the same thing; which is what lives within us and is who we really are, not who we think we are.”

The Ordinary Mind (8:50) – We all live in our ordinary minds. Krishna Das reflects on the aspect of the mind that exists outside of this mundane state of mind. He talks about how we go about breaking down the walls of this ordinary mind.

“So how do we break down the walls of this house where we keep all of our stuff? Our selfishness; our greed; our shame; our anger; that’s where we keep all that stuff. With no house, there is no place to keep it and it floats away. Because stuff revolves around ME and when ME is no longer there, there is no stuff.”

Our Place in the World (17:20) – Krishna Das discusses dealing with the insecurities of others when it comes to our own practice. He reminds us to stay true to ourselves, regardless of what others think about us.

“People are threatened by anything that is different in life, they feel insecure. It isn’t our job to make people feel bad, it’s the other way around. If we are doing this work at all, and it is working at all, we realize very quickly that we would rather people feel good. In doing so, you feed yourself.”

Freedom to Love (23:00) – Why is it that so many of us are so afraid to love? Krishna Das shares a story about the unconditional love he experienced from Siddi Ma.

“It is up to you. This is why we are the way that we are. When you know that you can do things to alleviate the situation and short circuit those programs. You have to pay attention, that is what we are doing here. That is what all this is about; deprogramming us from the karmas that we are swimming through in this life.”

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