Live from Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat 2016

Krishna Das – Ep. 49 – Live from Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat 2016

Live from the 2016 Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat, Krishna Das performs kirtan and delivers heartfelt wisdom.

On this special episode of Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das touches on the power of love and the grace of the Guru.

Show Notes

Gopala (Opening) – Krishna Das begins with the chants Govinda Hare Gopala Hare and Devakinandan Gopala.

Govinda Hare Gopala Hare

“Govinda hare Gopaala hare
He Prabhu deena dayaala hare”

Devakinandan Gopala

Gopaalaa Gopaalaa Devakee Nandana Gopaalaa
Devakee Nandana Gopaalaa Devakee Nandana Gopaalaa

Baby Love (14:45) – Gopala refers to Krishna in his infant and child form; true baby love. Krishna Das recalls how at times Neem Karoli Baba too would embody the love and innocent joy of a child. KD tells the story of baby Hanuman, whose power was greatest as a child.

“Baby Hanuman is considered to be his most powerful form of Hanuman because he had no restrictions. He could do anything at any time. Kind of like most babies; anything at any time, usually at four in the morning.” – Krishna Das

Guru’s Grace (23:00) – After a moving rendition of By Your Grace / Jai Gurudev and Jesus on the Mainline, Krishna Das gives a talk about the love and grace of the Guru. He tells the story of how Neem Karoli Baba embodied and taught the most important teachings of the West’s most popular Guru, Jesus Christ.

Closer than breath, you are the air
Sweeter than life itself, you are here
I am a wanderer, you are my peace
I am a prisoner, you are release

Jai Gurudev…

I am a pilgrim, your road so long
I am the singer, you are the song
Held in the open sky, so far above
I am the lover, you are the love

Jai Gurudev…

I follow your footsteps through the flame
All that I ever need is in your name
Carry your heart in mine, vast as space
All that I am today is by your grace.
By your Grace…
I live by your grace.

“Jesus loved everyone; he felt no pain on the cross. He never died; he became one with all beings. He lost himself in love.” – Neem Karoli Baba

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