Practice, Practice, Practice

Krishna Das – Ep. 48 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Krishna Das imparts wisdom on the role of practice in our lives.

KD shows us how practice cultivates capacity through repetition and return.


Show Notes

It Doesn’t Get Easier (Opening) – In India, they say to do practice while you are young, when you can because it doesn’t get easier as you get older. Krishna Das shares words of wisdom about working on ourselves ASAP, so that when your heart breaks open, there is enough capacity to explore its new realms.

“When the doors to the kingdom of love open up all that is going to happen is that you are going to run for it because it is everything you ever wanted; and that love lives within us. So when that becomes available, you want to be able to just go, but unfortunately, you might be able to get your nose through the door, but our own stuff pulls us right back; into our attachments; into our greed; into our selfishness; into our stuff…”

Disarming Our Landmines (3:20) – Krishna Das talks about learning to recognize the tripwires in our hearts. Practice is part of learning to disarm these karmic landmines in our heart cave. He discusses the projections we throw up and what happens when we cut through all that.

“The good news is that we actually can disarm those emotional landmines. The bad news is that only we can do it.”

In the Return (8:20) –  When we chant, the practice is very simple. Krishna Das explains in simple terms how the practice of chanting works and how the transformative work comes from the return to the practice.

“The way I approach chanting is very simple. You sing, and the minute you recognize that you are not paying attention you come back to the singing; that is all you have to do. Sometimes you may be singing for twenty minutes before you realize you have actually been thinking for that whole time. The moment you notice this is when you are actually already back from dreamland and at that moment you re-dedicate yourself to the practice; you come back to the singing.” 

Inevitably Fruitful (15:00) – Doing practice will always bring results. It may not always bring the results you imagine though. Krishna Das talks about a sort of cumulative snowball effect that comes with practice and learning to take the changes as they come.

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