I Phoned Govinda

Sri Krishna Govinda Hare Murare
Hey Naath Narayana Vaasudeva
Govinda Hare Gopaala Hare
Hey Prabhu Deena Dayaala Hare

A little taste of “Country and Eastern” for you. We wanted to call it I Phoned Govinda but we couldn’t for obvious reasons. It was at a kirtan in NYC that I decided to sing it for the first time. I had sent a recording of it to Mark Gorman, our bass player, so he could learn it. So there I was sitting in front of 1000 people and as I began the song I realized I was singing the wrong melody! So I stopped and laughingly started again. And AGAIN I sang the wrong melody. Everyone totally cracked up. Then Mark yells over to me that he has the melody on his phone. So he came over and played it for me. This was happening in front of the whole roomful of folks. It was hilarious.