Ma Durga

Om Shree Matre Namaha
I bow to the Mother
Jai Ambe Gauri, Jaya Shyaamaa Gauri
Hail to the/Golden Mother
Hail to the Black Mother

Jaya Jagatambe, Hey Ma Durga!
Victory to Ma Durga, the Mother of the World

Surround me with your loving arms…hold me in your heart.
Let me know that I am loved
and that I can love.
Show me that no matter where I go
That I come and go in You.
I am never out of your loving presence.
That you are the smile behind the smile,
the touch behind the touch
The kiss behind the kiss…
You are the constant presence that I forget until I remember
and when I remember my Self, I remember You.
I sing your Name. What else can I think of? You ARE Love.
And I AM You.

Appreciations ~

My life is the gift of my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. If there is anything of valueon this CD, it is his. It is his blessings that flow through me. My job is to get out of the way so they can flow unobstructed, like a river into the ocean. Unfortunately, still being a work in progress, I am like a sandbar, gradually being worn away by the current of Grace. Please accept these chants in that spirit.

  • To Shri Siddhi Ma and Shri Jiwanti Ma
  • To all the Great Ones, known and unknown who have shed their light on the Path and given us the strength to follow
  • To the elder devotees of my Guru, who took me in and taught me the essence of devotion and surrender;
  • To ‘AH’, Heart of my Heart;
  • To Ma And Baba(Mr& Mrs K.C. Tewari) my Indian parents, whose presence is with me everyday
  • To my physical parents
  • To Dada, “Isn’t is that?”
  • To Ram Dass-For still being here;
  • To Wah for keeping us on the road
  • Rick, “You gotta do ‘Live.”
  • To the East and West Coast “Chapters” of the Ever Changing Kosmic Kirtan Posse for the devotion and committment to the chanting for the Love of Love Alone