• Krishna Das- Vocals, Harmonium, Ektar
  • John McDowell- Keyboards, Djembe, Gorong, Tana, shakers, percussion
  • Bhima Karma Olrech- Khol, cymbals
  • Jim Donovan-Frame drum, bass drum, shakers
  • Hans Christian- Cello, Bass
  • Girish Gambhira-Tabla
  • Steve Gorn- Bansuri flute
  • Nina Rao-cymbals Dagger-ji- shakers

The Ever Changing Kosmic Kirtan Posse-Ambika Pressman, Nina Rao, Keshav Hunter, Faith Fennesy, Dagger Langur, Raven Pelan, Max Vasquez, Swami Bubbananda Giri, Marcia Deitlin, Nick Bernstein, John Cooper, Uma Lane, Lakshmi Ma, Ivy Mayer, Kim Waters., Janaki Rathode, Sita Jamieson Caddle, Brendan Das

Produced by Krishna Das
Asst Producers: John McDowell, Hans Christian
All songs recorded @ Mr Small’s Funhouse, Pittsburgh, P.A., by Jeffrey Lesser.
Assisted by: Peter Beckerman and Mike Speranza
Devi Puja/Jaya Jagatambe,
@Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, Ca,
by Hans Christian….
Hanuman Puja/Hanuman Chaleesa/SitaRam
@ Shri Shivabalayogi Center, Seattle, Washington,
by Krist Novoselic, Hans Christian
Additional Recording @ Dragon Studios, by Jane Allyson and Jeffrey Lesser
& Paradise Mansions by Jefferey Lesser, J.A. Klein
Mixed@ Paradise Mansions by Jeffrey Lesser
Assisted by John McDowell and Krishna Das
Edited @Paradise Mansions by J.A. Klein
Mastered by CD Rom Das (Roger Nichols) on really expensive stuff
@Digital Atomics
Equipment Rentals- Jim Flynn Rentals
Painting of flying Hanuman-Kevin Kobasic
Painting of kneeling Hanuman by John Cooper
Executive Producer: Krishna Das, John Friend, Mitchell Markus

Offered in memory of Mrs. K. Tewari, my Indian Mother, whose smile lit up the three worlds.

Special Thanks:

  • This CD is a manifestation of the Grace of my Guru Neem Karoli Baba
  • To all the Great Ones, known and unknown who have shed their blessings like tears of love;
  • To the devotees of my Guru, who took me in and taught me the essence of devotion and surrender;
  • To ‘AH’, Heart of my Heart;
  • To Ram Dass-For still being here;
  • To the Ever Changing Kosmic Kirtan Posse for the devotion and committment to the chanting for the Love of Love Alone; to “Ol’McDowell, The Drums of Obsession” (the nineties version of “Olatunji, The Drums of Passion”); the Lesser Govinda, the ‘Monet of Mixing’; Hans Christian, above and beyond the call of duty;

To Jim and Tracey Donovan, who invited me and the Posse to Pittsburgh, put us up(and put up with us) and with love and kindness helped us manifest this music;

And last but not least, to Juan Amigo (John Friend) and Lynette, whose love and friendship has been a great gift from God and who simply decided that this CD should be done and made sure it happened