Shri Guru Charanam

Shree Guru Charanam
Shree Hari Sharanam

I surrender to the feet of the Guru, and find my refuge in God.
If I had no shame, no guilt, no fear…then I could raise my eyes and look at you. But I can’t bear the love in your eyes. I have to turn away. Could you really be looking at me that way? No one has ever looked at me like that. How could this be? I am all naked in front of you. I want to run but my legs don’t move. I want to hide, but I see you everywhere I turn, and if I look up for a moment, you’re looking at me the same way. I have no where to hide. I fall at your feet and my eyes pour out their pain, sadness and longing. You bend down and lift me up. You wipe my eyes with the corner of your blanket. You ask me to sit by you. You show me that I am yours and you are mine, not just this moment, but always… At your feet, I am home.

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