Jaya Bhagavan

Ananda Mayi Ma is one of the great Saints of our generation. From her childhood she naturally entered into very deep states of absorbtion in God. As she grew older she was recognized all throughout India. She and Maharaj-ji were old friends and used to hang out together sometimes. Maharaj-ji would arrive unexpectedly at her ashram and act like a baby begging his mother for food. Food would be brought and he would take a bite or two and then the two of them would distribute it as prasad, blessed food, to all the devotees present. The whole time they were laughing and enjoying each other to the max. Ma used to sing so many sweet songs to God. This is the sweetest of all. I heard her sing it many times during my stay in India. She sang with a simplicity and sweetness of one who knows God intimately and is just quietly singing a love song to her Beloved.

Disc One – Track 8 (6:43)